Help for you on lost ip address during setup

I have been slogging through a problem on initial setup of the Oct 18 download for RPI. Everything would function OK, but if I ever changed the ip wired address to static and turn off the wifi lan access and saved those changes, then I could no longer ssh in to the node, nor would the browser be able to access it.

Running the following on my main Linux: sudo nmap -sP | awk ‘/^Nmap/{ip=$NF}/B8:27:EB/{print ip}’
I can see all RPIs on the network, so can confirm the one I was working on is no longer on the network. Therefore, I can only get to it via a keyboard
and monitor directly connected to the RPI; headless won’t work because it’s not on the network.

I found this excellent site, that gave me the solution of restoring my ip address from the keyboard and monitor:

Using those commands, I was able to add the ip address back in, and it’s now functioning!

These are the commands I used, in order, from the site above:
ifconfig “gives the eth0 and wlan0 ip address info”
ifconfig eth0 netmask up “sets my eth0 (wired lan) to ip address”
ifconfig “shows the assignment was made”

reissuing the nmap command to see if it’s now on the network:
sudo nmap -sP | awk ‘/^Nmap/{ip=$NF}/B8:27:EB/{print ip}’

I was able to confirm it’s now up and on the network, and the WLAN is no longer on it, which is what I wanted.