Help for a hung install on Raspberry Pi 3B

Hi, I just thought I’d try my hand at a Volumio-based music server for my NAS in the basement using an Audioquest Dragonfly and powered speakers. I’ve just assembled the Raspberry Pi 3B and connected it all. I overwrote the included NOOBS SD card with the latest Volumio image using the Linux Mint bootable image burner as I had some problems installing Etcher on Mint
I then installed the SD card and turned on the power and it booted to the Volumio screen after asking for the log-in and PW (I used volumio for both). It then advanced a bit but now just sits doing nothing.
The last line on the screen following the legal disclaimer is volumio@volumio:-$ which I think is a command line cursor…
After an hour still nothing happens and I can’t see anything on my network. Should I reformat and re-burn the volumio img again on the SD card or is there a command line input needed? Appreciate any help!

Take a look at this.