Helm Bolt USB DAC low volume

I have an issue with my new setup using RPi 4 with a Helm Bolt USB DAC.
The Bolt is connected to my NAD amplifier with a 3.5mm to RCA cable.
On Volume playback (Internet Radio and Airplay), the output Volume is very low.
When I connect the Bolt directly to my phone, I have very good signal level.
Is there a setting to increase the output volume?

Version 2.882
Mixer set to Hardware (Software or nothing makes no difference)
Volume set to 100%

What am I missing?

I want to sort out my basic set-up before activating paid subscription to get Tidal Connect MQA…



Did you resolve this? I just ordered and received an RPi 4b and plan to set it up tomorrow morning to use with my Bolt DAC and Tidal Connect.

I know the Bolt has variable output levels depending on what it detects is connected. Could it have something to do with that? Wonder if plugging in the RCAs to your NAD, powering it on and THEN connecting the Bolt to the RPi would correct the problem?

Hi Jason,
unfortunately, I did not yet resolve the volume problem with the Bolt.
I tried all sorts of variations, including plugging it in with the NAD connected first - did not work…
I also tried it with the latest Beta version - same result…
I contacted Helm to see if they have a solution. The information I got was that they currently have more support tickets regarding the Bolt with RPi and Volumio.
They are working on the case… I fear that there is no easy workaround for the moment.

What a bummer. Thank you for the info, though. Maybe I’ll just return it.

Yeah, real bummer…
I will keep mine for portable application. Sounds real good on my iPhone.
Eventually they will sort it out for the Pi.

I got the same issue and were already in contact with Helm. They did not focus on the Pi during the development of the Bolt. But the get a lot of claims and questions rearding Bolt and Pi also with Roon and Ropiee. So Chris from Helm Audio told me that now they see that there is a lot of work to do regarding the Pi "We’d like to offer more support for the Pi, but our team is really small and Pi just wasn’t a market segment we could allocate resources to at the time. (So we’re doing our best to catch up.) ". So at least it looks to me that they are working on that.