Helm Bolt - no volume control

Hello Group!

So, I bought a Helm Bolt DAC and I also set up a RPI 4 streamer for use with Tidal HiFi. Everything is only days old.

Image was verified with a checksum and I’m assuming it flashed okay.

The problem is the volume is stuck - I can’t control it with either my iPhone, or thru myvolumino/Google chrome interface.

Originally I thought it was the DAC, but I plugged in a Soundblaster3 Play DAC and the volume works fine.

Any thoughts?

Your dac does not have volume control.
Go to playback settings and enable software volume

Thanks. I know the DAC does not have volume control.

I tried every option to get volume control working but I’ll try it again.

Keep in mind - the SoundBlaster DAC volume works fine.