Hi there,
I am from Los Angeles. I was looking for a digital media player that I can remotely control and stream from. With Volumio and Raspberry pi, I got what I wanted at a fraction of the price one has to pay for name brand products. A big thanks to Volumio for that. The installation was also seamless and my DAC (Schiit Jotunheim) was recognized out of the box and music library indexed within minutes. I also tried moode, which did not work with the Schiit Jotunheim. Hope to see more progress made to this highly useful software.

My setup: Raspberry pi 3 connected to USB 2TB HDD --> Audioquest Jitterbug --> USB cable --> Schiit Jotunheim --> Sennheiser HD6XX/Audeze Sine/Micca MB42x/Yamaha subwoofer

Remote control through iPad/iPhone

Hi there sup27606,

and welcome to Volumio & the forums :slight_smile: I’m glad that everything is working well for you. If you use an iPhone for control, you might want to have a look at monkeyproof’s app, which seems to go down well with the Mac aficianados :wink:

Thank you, chsims1
I checked out the iPhone app. It is convenient on the iPhone, but I prefer the volumio web interface for the rich graphics and album art. Hope you can sort out the album art bugs soon.