Hello, I’m a musician and digital music enthusiast and longtime JRiver user. I’ve recently discovered Volumio and built a DLNA playback box for use with my JRiver library. I was in search of a small, inexpensive playback computer with bit-perfect USB sound output for use with my JRiver libary, and Volumio was a perfect fit.

I detailed the build with pictures here on JRiver’s Interact Forum: yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.p … #msg616967

I’ve encountered some bugs using Volumio version 1.4, I’ll detail these in a separate thread.

Thanks for all the work put into developing this great platform and for the plentiful advice here on the Volumio forum. I had a lot of fun putting the player box together, and I’m really interested in the direction you are taking the project with current builds and hardware customization.

I really love how cheap the hardware is, but how great the playback sounds!!!