I am a new Volumio user, but experienced with using music servers and DLNA/UPnP. I currently use Minimserver and BubbleUPnP to stream to my main system, TV room system, and several Chromecast devices in my home. I’m trying Volumio for the main system. Chromecast Audio is being discontinued, I’ve experienced some distressing malfunctions with it, and it doesn’t play all the formats in my server.

I tend towards the ‘objectivist’ side of Audio. My main system consists of an RME ADI-2 DAC feeding a March Audio p252 amplifier and Harbeth SHL5+AE speakers, fed now by a Volumio Primo.

I’ve had a variety of audio equipment over my life. Last year the Harbeths replaced Thiel CS3.6 speakers I had enjoyed for over 20 years. Over the years I’ve owned/own B&W and Magnepan speakers, VTL Deluxe 225, Bryston 3B, and Adcom GFA-5802 amplifiers, as well as Cambridge Audio, Theta, and iFi DAC/streamers, Sony SACD and esoteric CD players. I use KEF LS50W speakers in my TV room.

I don’t invest in special cables, fuses, or power cords, and I am developing and have offered a $10k charity prize offer outstanding for people who think they can distinguish, blind, equipment that measures similarly. No takers. I’m pretty sure my amplifier adventures were a waste of money.

You can find me on AudioScienceReview and the Harbeth User Group, as “ahofer”. Also Audiogon, but I’ve decided that’s a silly place and don’t go there much anymore.

Welcome to the forums, great intro, I trust that you’ll find loads of discussion on both the system and special equipment to enhance the audio experience. I’ll be gladly reading the different points of view and learn from them :wink: