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Hi everyone my name is henrik and i live in Denmark, just ordered the Allo piano dac + Allo Kali I2S Reclocker and it will be delivered this monday…
currently im running the latest version of Volumio with a hifiberry dac+ on a RPI2 , a lyngdorf amp and von schweikert speakers.
cant wait to try the new setup !!


thanks :slight_smile:
btw does spotify work on the latest build ? downloaded the plugin and entered my username and password but nothing shows when i chose spotify in the menu

No, since we updated a bit of stuff… The very latest build is just a pre-test…

okay I will switch memorycard then :slight_smile: or even better have two volumio pies running :slight_smile:

That is serious audio equipment.

I am curious what other sources you have as input for your Lyngdorf? Reason for asking is when using such high-end amp+speakers, good source signals matter as imperfections become audioable on high-end equipment.

Does your RPi2+Hifiberry DAC+ produce a good signal compared to your others sources? Do you use another DAC somewhere?

Would be very interesting to find out if a RPi with Kali+Piano is capable to be an up to par source in high-end audio setups.

Btw: do you get the normal Piano or the 2.1?

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I used to use a Cambridge dac, the dac Magic I think it’s called and the raspberry pi+ hifiberry dac + matches that in terms of sound… lets see how the kali+piano does tomorrow when it’s delivered…

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Oh and it’s the normal piano

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I’ll go visit a friend sometime in the next month or so he has serious high end equipment… Can’t remember what he has other than its huge Lavardin mono blocks and it’s 10 times the price of my setup… :slight_smile: I’ll bring the allo Combo to test

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And? Monday is long gone so we are all curious to read about your experience :slight_smile:

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I’m so happy with the new combo, it’s better than the hifiberry dac, I’m hearing things on my music I haven’t heard before. Had some time to listen properly yesterday with some alonetime in the house… The instruments is easier to make out in the music… Drums on the songs I played sounded more real, like when a drum is hit hard and the rest of the drum kit gives a little sound from the resonance…never heard that before on the songs I played Hard to explain but easy to hear :slight_smile: go buy it

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Hello Henrik, which Lyngdorf amp are you using? For the moment my RP3 is connected via hdmi to the hdmi module of a Lyngdorf TDAi-2170, but want to improve the sound and I’m thinking of trying the Allo piano dac + Allo Kali I2S Reclocker. Do you also use a TDAi-2170?