Hello , presentation and problems with native DSD

my name is Paolo Ferroni, I’m a new member of the forum.
I am passionate about Hi-fi, particularly interested in liquid music, which I listened to until now by connecting a Windows PC, on which I installed JRiver, to the dac North Star Supremo.

My dac manage native DSD streams untiil DSD 256, with ASIO driver on Windows , directly with Linux or Apple o.s.;
Windows 10 with JRriver, however, does not correctly recognize the ASIO driver (written for Windows 7).

So, I decided to buy an Pro-ject Stream Box s2 ultra, which implement Volumio.

I have connected the Stream Box to my dac, but it don’t play DSD direct: if I set DoP the sistem play with DSD 128, but not with DSD 256.

If I correctly understood, probably it necessary add my dac to the list of DACs compatible with direct DSD stream, of Volumio.
I don’t know exactly what data is necessary to do that, and I have no experience with Linux systems, when I connect my dac to a windows pc i see:

PCM-DSD USB Audio Interface
constructor: North Star Design srl

ID hardware: USB\VID_16D0&PID_07D7&REV_0181

ID compatible: USB\DevClass_00&SubClass_00&Prot_00

Capacity: 00000014

I hope these data are sufficient to define the problem and look for instructions, thank you.I hope these data are sufficient to define the problem and I await for instructions, thank you.

Paolo Ferroni

No reply?

Maybe, should I post the question in another section of the Forum?

Hi Paolo!
Yes, what you provided is exactly what we need, and we will add to the next version of Pro-Ject stream box S2 Ultra software.

PS: How do you like it?

Very good, I’m waiting it. Thanks.

I don’t kow, you can send it to my mail with instruction for upload it in Pro-ject Stream Box. I see that from Pro-ject Stream Box interface is possible search, downolad and install new system versions; perhaps it is also possible to access Volumio and manage the upload directly, but I don’t know how.

Excuse me, is it possible to have a forecast on when the next version of the Pro-ject Stream Box s2 ultra software will be released?
Thank you.

Yesterday, through the stream box software, I downloaded the 1.038 version of the system.
Nothing has changed: if I set up DSD direct, Roon converts the data stream to PCM 352, so the dac is not considered capable of receiving DSD data directly. :frowning:

Hi Michelangelo!
Yesterday I downloaded an other version of Pro-Ject Stream BoX S2 Ultra system: no. 1.041, released Fri Jul 26 19:53:26 CEST 2019.
My dac North Star Design Supremo (PCM-DSD Adio Interface) is still not recognized as capable of manging DSD direct:

  • if I set DSD direct reproduction the file (DSD, DSD128 or DSD256) is automatically converted to PCM at 384kHz;
  • if I set DSD over PCM (DoP) only files DSD and DSD128 are trasmitted to dac in DSD format, DSD256 is still converted to PCM.

Moreover now the Stream Box S2 Ultra, through its web application, no longer sees the network disks, the search never ends … luckily everything continues to work as before through ROON.

I have pointed out to the Audiogamma importer the problem of the network and the fact that probably the current version of the system has not implemented the latest versions of Volumio and I have asked him to report the problem to Pro-ject.

Can you help me, thanks.

Hi Michelangelo,
none reply?

I downloaded a new version of the Project Stream Box S2 ultra system, the version 1043 released Tue Sep 24 03:05:58 CEST 2019.

The problem of network disks was fixed, but not the problem of to recognize my dac (North Star Design Supremo) capable of manage directly DSD stream.

What should I do to have a Volumio able to recognize my dac?
Can I have an answer?

Paolo Ferroni

Hi Michelangelo,
you can confirm to me that you add North Star Design Supremo DAC at the list of dac capable of manage Direct DSD until DSD 256, in the kernel of Volumio?

If so, all that remains is to deduce that it is my dac that fails to hook up the direct DSD flows, except through the Windows ASIO driver.
So I can not help but throw away the Pro-ject Stream Box S2 ultra and replace it with a bridge with windows operating system …