Hello, new user, pc volumio user on old Mac

Hello fellows,
I’m a new user to Volumio, medium knowledge of Linux. I gotta admit it’s great, didn’t know of its existence till recently.
I managed to use an old mid2011 mac mini with an SSD drive, 4GB RAM, as hardware to the player. Its GPU is broken, no image at all, but Volumio system runs normally and I control it with my smartphone or SSH access, when needed.
Somehow, I daresay Volumio is taking advantage of a better hardware to run itself, since boot is in less than 10 secs, scanning of the library is smooth, using mac optical out to the amplifier, which allows me to play 24bit 192khz files, and, the best feature of all, playback is instantaneous as I click, regardless if it is a song, album or playlist or the files size. I couldn’t be more happily surprised to find such a great use of that old mac I had thrown on a box 2 years ago.
Thank you all the developers and contributors.

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Hi Rossini,

welcome to Volumio & the Community. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the experience, and that you’re making use of perfectly good hardware, that otherwise might be discarded.