Hello guys!

I’m going to install Volumio now on my Raspberry PI, which has been waiting in my drawer for more than a year now.
The time has come. Thanks Volumio!

I will update this post when my system successfully plays my FLAC’s from my NAS (hopefully soon).
This is my current system:

  • NAS: IOMEGA Store Center ix2-200
  • Raspberry PI: Model B Release 1.0 (April 2012)
  • DAC: Musical Fidelity V-DAC II
  • Amplifier: my OOOOLD friend Onkio A-8130, with a pair of Mission speakers


Done: everything works like a charm!

I only had one issue: some mp3 files were corrupted and set the indexer (database update) spinning forever, blocking on the bad song.
I was able to isolate the bad song: I’m available to share it as a test case if anyone is interested in fixing this indexing problem.


Yes, please! This will represent a major clue for debugging! Could you share them via gdrive?

And, btw, welcome here! :wink:

Here it is: drive.google.com/file/d/0B26fY8 … sp=sharing
Let me know when you’ve got it, and I’ll remove it.
I have another problematic mp3, but I did not try to isolate it yet among a set of 20 other files. Let me know if you need it as well: with a binary search it’ll take me 5 shots worst case to spot it :slight_smile:


Got it thanks! And I think I spotted the problem…

Fingers crossed…

just a correction to my first post: my DAC is the Musical Fidelity V-DAC, and not the V-DAC II

Volumio does not seem to support volume control on my V-DAC with the hardware mixer.
Volume can be controlled, however, with the software mixer (to be set under menu/playback).

Overall, I’m satisfied. Can’t use WebRadios, though, (they just don’t play) but did not investigate further so far.