Hello from The Netherlands + question about HiRes

Hi All,
just before Christmas I received my Allo DigiOne/Rpi4 with Volumio. I really love it! Great sound. I connect it with an AudioQuest coax cable to a Cambridge Audio DacMagic (the first one, with max. 96kHz). Before this I used my Apple TV connected (toslink) to the DacMagic to listen to my FLAC files, including the HiRes ones (up to 192kHz). The thing is, when I now try to listen to these HiRes FLAC files, I hear nothing. Is it a preset in Volumio I miss? Is it my DacMagic? I hope someone can help me.

Best regards,

Hello ruud.

You can try too go to settings/play options, scroll all the way down an turn audio resampling on and set it on (for example) 192 kHz 16 bit.

Or set the sample rate on 96 kHz… the same a your DacMagic.

Of zie screenshot als voorbeeld.

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Hi Michel,
thanks for your answer (and sorry for my late reply; I was @Audiophilestyle looking for answers). After again a reboot of my RPI I tried your suggestion. It seems to work! I get music from my 192Khz FLAC’s! The rest is also upsampled to 96Khz, but I don’t mind. Thank you very much! I hope this keeps on working :wink: