Hello from Switzerland

Hello everyone,
My name is Kimon and I’m a software engineer :nerd:.
I live and work in Zurich, Switzerland but I’m Italian.

I bought my first Hi-Fi system when I was 15 years old. It was composed by a Pioneer PL-514 turntable, a Pioneer SA-8500 II amplifier and I don’t remember the loudspeakers brand, but probably they were not a top brand. At the time it has been already a big investment buying all this stuff which I paid entirely with my with my part time job since I was going to school and working in the afternoon to pay my hobbies.

Later on, when I moved from my parents, I left my system to my brothers and got a new one composed by a Cyrrus I amplifier, Mission 781 loudspeakers and a Denon DCD-560 CD player.
During the years the Denon DCD-560 has passed away but the amp and the loudspeakers were still working but not used anymore.

Welcome Kimon!