Hello from South Korea

Not many from Korea, yet !

I’ve been hooked into Volumio for a couple of weeks now, and am absolutely stunned by it.
Starting from obsolete RPi B+ which was lying around, and bought 4B, and two more 2Bs and Tinker Board S now !
Also I’ve been busy buying from Ali Express, the AK4493 DAC and AK4118 I2S board which I’m trying to install now.

I knew that Italy has been blessed with some musical genii, like Pollini, Michelangeli, Abbado and Sinopoli, and
Italian Qt. of course, but never knew that she’s been blessed with software engineers like Volumio !!

I also notice that you guys are not just software engineers, looking at the Solvay attendees at the background of
your ‘About Us’ page, and begin to see what you mean by that…

Grazie mille for what you’ve done so far and looking greatly forward to what you guys are upto, like Motivo !

Just wanted to leave a thank you note here first.

Cheers !

Kidon Sull
YongIn, Korea

ps. I’m writing some 4 part posting on my blog, blog.naver.com/hamjii ,
though some of you might experience some difficulties in reading them !!