Hello from Silicon Valley

Hi, I’ve been lurking here for a while and answering a few questions from the knowledge I’ve gained setting up my first Volumio installation over the past month. Over the holidays I built a new custom cabinet in our master bedroom, the top of which is an obvious spot for a small HiFi system. I’ve always wanted to experiment with active speaker design, so I’ve put together a Volumio/MiniDSP system that will let me build up to 4 way stereo speakers:
RPI3/HifiDigi SPDIF -> MiniDSP OpenDRC-DA8 -> multiple 2x80w Class T ST512BE amp modules.
All of this is enclosed in a white miniATX PC enclosure which provides ample ventilation and matches the white finish of the cabinets. Currently I’m only driving a pair of bi-amplified Paradigm Studio 20 speakers with two amplifier modules. I have a few different ideas for custom speakers to utilize all eight output channels of the DSP, but the Paradigms are sounding really good as a start. Attached are pictures of the work in progress.

I’ve been really thrilled with the quality of Volumio2. I’ve had a number of high end systems over the years, and this new setup sounds remarkable for the very small overall cost.

I’ve been working on Unix systems since before there was a Linux, so I’m looking forward to contributing to the evolution of Volumio2. Just this weekend I was able to get software volume control in alsa working across MPD, shairport, and spotify; all with unified volume control from the main V2.118 web UI. I’ll writeup a howto later this week and look at putting a formal patch together.

I’m really looking forwards to the Tidal plugin. Currently I’m streaming Tidal through shairport from my iPad, but I’d love to help make Tidal work as well as the spotify integration. If the developers need any additional help just PM me and I can help test and/or fix bugs as needed.


Great project! Welcome onboard! We of course need any helping hand you want to give!
Give a look at the open issues and see if there is something you would like to tackle! :wink: