Hello from Rome

I’m Arnaldo Lombardi
my set up under costruction…

  • Raspberry2Pi B+
  • Volumio 2
  • Ethernet (because mi usb pen is not compatible)
  • HDD 2T (USB)
  • AudiQuest Dragonfly Black 1.2

I’m audiophile, i know i’m sick. :slight_smile:
This is my playroom…
musicboxit.files.wordpress.com/ … _setup.jpg

Thanks to everyone work for Volumio.

Congratulations for your setup! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask!

O my Gold! :slight_smile:

yes, I need help I wrote here…
Now I’m lan connected but i will upgrade to volumio hotspot.

complimenti :slight_smile:


musicboxit.wordpress.com/2017/0 … er-my-way/

i’m sorry now only in italian but at soon as possible in englisch!

new photos!