Hello from Rome

Hi All,
I met the project Raspyfi last year, then I met Michelangelo , and I was very happy because I persuated him to write on AR about his experience.
Today I am doubly happy : first for this new project and then because Christmas is coming. Merry Christmas to all :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Michelangelo, yesterday I met Mauro, he was very happy for your job. He told me that you’ll come to the AR laboratory for measurements, excellent!

Hi Leopoldo! Nice to see you here, and glad you like the new website and the work for AR.
Yes, in January I’ll be in Rome to measure and compare Volumio, giving some objectivity to all of this. It will be very interesting to see if there are measurable difference on the different supported devices, and try to understand why this happens.
See you soon then!