Hello from Pennsylvania USA

Hello All,
I hope every one is healthy or recovering nicely. These arew strange days indeed.
I’ve been a HiFi consumer since 1978. I listen mostly to Jazz, Classical, Blues, and Blue Grass music. I hope to buy into VOLUMIO by the end of the year. I’ll be lurking around trying to find out more about the product in the meantime.

Hi, another newbie from S.Korea.

Can’t help but leaving a reply seeing a quote from my esteemed J.S.Bach author !

I also love cats, but I was diagnosed MOST allergic to cat hairs, and am experiencing asthma
for some years now ! But my wife and a kid adore him(Haensel) so much, so looks like I surely
will have two of Schweitzer’s refuges all right !!



I am new here too. Thanks for joining.