Hello from Paris


I just bought a raspberry pi2 and installed volumio to test it with my Cambridge audio dacmagic plus.

Getting familiar with the concept took me a few hours a manipulation, but i’ve managed to get some music out of my loudspeakers after a lot of fiddling.

After long tries, with the webradio i got to understand that not all radio links seem to be functional, that´s why i first thought volumio was not working. I still have difficulties working with the NAS, as even though i’m correctly logged on i can not see any files. I mentioned no specif directory, thinking it would go to the root directory, then i.d navigate. But no list or sub directory show up.

Same for ramdisk. I’ve copied a test musicon the sd card, but either nothing plays out, or even after reboot the entry has completly disappeared. Strange.

I would be interrested to look in the right plaçe in the forum for such troubles.

Otherwise, the product looks great. Bravo for your efforts.