Hello from Ottawa Canada

After using Volumio for a few days with my Raspberry Pi and a HifiBerry DAC+, I’m quite pleased with the sound quality and the ease of setup and configuring everything to my needs. I had been using runeaudio (a very similar audio package which seems like it might have had a common heritage at some point) for about 6 months and was having some difficulty doing everything I wanted with rune. So I tried Volumio and I’m finding it easier to do what I want to do using it - so far anyway.

I like a wide range of music and have music largely as a background to my life when I’m at home. However, I’m not an “serious” audiophile. I like a reasonably good quality sound, but I am also quite ready to make what I consider reasonable compromises. So far, I haven’t felt the need for re-clockers, tube amplifiers, or flac encoding. My entire digital music collection is high bit rate MP3 and I frequently listen to streaming audio. The sound I get from my $30 Lepai 2020 amp and my ancient Energy speakers suits me very well.

There are a number of things I like about Volumio (compared to that other similar music player :wink: )

  • It is based on Debian which I’m quite familiar with.
  • I like Volumio’s web interface in general and handling of internet radio stations in particular.
  • Volumio’s plugin system makes it easier for others to contribute

So, hello again. I look forward to meeting some of you in the forum.


How do Tom, and welcome to Volumio. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the experience so far, but please submit any suggestions to: