Hello from Ohio!

I’m a long time fan of listening to music and enjoy high quality sound, as well as convenience. I made the transition from vinyl to CD’s as they came out - but kept and still use my old Thorens TT on occasion. A few years ago, I made the transition from physical CD’s to ripping my collection to FLAC - mainly so I could play all my music all over the house and not have to go find where CD’s ended up. This got me into Sonos - and I currently have 7 zones around my house so music can be anywhere, and I can hear what I want and someone elsewhere (2 teens and a wife) can hear what they want.

I have been using a Sonos Connect for anything CD-quality (basic Tidal and my ripped FLAC files) to stream to a high end DAC (and either my hypex nCore amps of my PrimaLuna tube amp) and then to my Maggie 1.7’s. For Tidal Masters, I have a little PC I can fire up but that also meant firing up my projector to see the screen (it’s not got a version of Windows I can control remotely easily…). I kept looking for a solution to that problem that was cheap and easy.

Then, I decided to get some Sennheiser cans and also wanted to re-deploy a Sonos Connect to another use from where the Senn’s will be used. I didn’t want to pay for another Sonos even though I know it would do the basics I want…other than Tidal MQA.

I researched the options, and had heard of someone else using a Pi and Volumio. As I compared options…it was clear the Pi was the way to go.

So, I ordered the parts last week from Amazon, built it on Saturday night and worked setup details yesterday. It’s now doing everything I wanted for my headphone setup!

Now, I will buy a send one and use it in my “critical listening” room. In the end, this will allow me to sell a Sonos Connect Amp and a Sonos Connect. So, price-wise, I’m still getting what I need in convenience and have some $ to spare!


Hi Mark,

Quite the introduction, I see you know what you are talking about :slight_smile:
Love to hear your experiences with Volumio and a Pi DAC combo.

Welcome on board