Hello from Nantes France

Music is the main thing in my life so I made many researches and tries to have the best possible sound for the money.
Now I can tell that I have reached my objective.
My audio system is based on an Odroid C2 and Volumio is installed on an emmc. I use the android app to control it.
My music is stored onto a 1To SSD which is into an internet livebox 4.
The SBC is linked to an Audio GD nfb 28.38 DAC via an high quality USB cable. The USB cable is between a Jitterbug and a ifi USB IPURIFIER.
The Livebox4 is linked to the sbc via a high quality Ethernet cable.
I have destroyed every DEL on the Odroid C2, especially the ethernet Ones (even in the livebox).
The sbc and the Livebox are powered and filtered by a ifi AC IPURIFIER and IFI IPOWER 12v and 5v then filtered again by an ifi DC IPURIFIER each.
The DAC and the Marantz power amp have their own electric line and filtered by an ifi Audio AC IPURIFIER each.
My friends tells me that my sound is now out of this world… I am obviously agree with them) :wink:

Good evening,

Welcome on board and nice setup you have there! Enjoy!