Hello from Munich

Hi! My name is Nic and I live near Munich, Germany.

Thanks in advance to everyone who has contributed to this fantastic project. I can’t code at all, so I am only able to provide feedback and ideas (and bug reports of course).

I’m using a Raspberry pi and have succesfully fitted it out with a hifiberry DAC. I stream music from the QNAP network applied storage here in my network. I originally started out this project as I wanted to digitize all my CDs and stream them in a good quality to a nice little digital amplifier I had my eye on (SMSL SA-50). I am actually a professional classical musician.

Control over my music using tags is important. A classical musician needs a more complicated database - in addition to the usual tags we need tags for composer/s, performers, genres, dates etc etc. I use a really great upnp server called “minim server” (minimserver.com), which I can highly recommend, and stream using a BubbleUPnP control point. I am afraid the simple web ui of volumio, just isn’t going to fit what I need, so I followed Coraline’s blog on how to install gmrender-resurrect and got that to work. Unfortuantely gapless playback, my second requirement (operas with 5 second breaks every 5 minutes are awful) is definitely NOT working with this setup (even if I activate an “Open Home” UPnP renderer as Coraline suggests). This is frustrating, because I got gapless playback before using a Raspian/gmrender-resurrect setup before I moved to Volumio.

I have a couple of questions:
If I stream music via DLNA/UPnP is there a drop in audio quality compared to standard use of Volumio?
Are you aware about the problems regarding gapless playback via DLNA/UPnP? I read that DLNA/UPnP is currently being worked on.

Many thanks once again!!