Hello from Leeds

Hi There. I’ve just joined this support group today.

Who am I? I’m an exiled Scotsman (a mad one at that!) living in Leeds in West Yorkshire. I’m originally from Elgin in the NE of Scotland, but moved down here with my then girlfriend, now my wife, in 1996. By day, I’m an Oracle DBA and by night, an insomniac!

I have a wide and reasonably varied record and CD collection, amassed over the years, and I’m here because I came across Volumio after I was lucky enough to win a HiFiBerry DAC+ with ADC in a competition in the pages of the MagPi magazine. I was in the process of buying one, so it came in handy. :smiley:



Welcome aboard mate, I trust you will find all the info you need to get the Pi up… and then some :wink: If you have questions, just ask, there’s bound to be someone who is able to answer or help point you in the right direction.


Hi Saiyato,

I’m already up and running. Just as well too as my CD player recently died. It’s old and there are no replacements or parts available. So everything is Flac ripped onto my NAS and copied to the Pi.

I’m loving Volumio.