Hello from Japan (Hajimemasite.)

Hello, I am Schagerl live in Japan.
(The handle-name is after an excellent Trumpet Atelier in Vienna, because I have and love his trumpet.)

I am a dyed-in-the-wool Mac users from more than 20 years ago, and still love.

However, I was sick of AirPlay too unstable, so I determined to build a smallest system just work only playback.

I have collected informations on the Web, then it seems that running Volumio on CuBox-i is the most close to my ideal.

But I do have nothing knowledge about Linux, just have ever launched Terminal just a few times.

I will learn about Volumiio, but please forgive me asking so rudimentary questions.

Sorry for my poor English, but I’m excited to join this forum.
Thanks for taking care of it.