Hello from Hungary

VERY PROMISHING, just what I need.

Listening to music is not just a hobby for me, but lifestyle, food. My primary source was LP long time ago, when I started, very early, I was like 15 when I made my first Quad 405 (well, rather I blow up my first Quad 405 :slight_smile:. Now I’m 39 (brrrrr. :frowning:
After a long period with CD, my primary source is again LP, but Flac is very close also. At the moment I listen to flac through a TC Electronic Konnet 8, and an AD1865 NOS DAC is under construction, with a Lundahl trafo to the ECC82 output stage. The rest of the chain is tube based also, 6072 riaa and preamp, 2A3 PSE amp. Than a clone of an Audio Note E box.

I can describe easier what music I do not like, this is cheap bum bum tuc tuc pop music and cheap folk. I digest nearly everything else. Classical, Jazz, decent pop. I have a big collection of flac, I bought a lot from hdtracs also.

At the moment I use the PC and media monkey for flac >konnekt 8 > NOS DAC preamp. I would love to leave the PC off when I listen to music.

I can not say that I use Volumio yet, because it does not work yet on my raspberry with the 2T flac library on an smb share.
I hope I will be able to set it up, maybe on UDOO, use the I2S output to the 1865 directly and browse the library on a tablet.

THANKS A LOT for the project, I really appreciate your work.

Best regards,
Gabor Jordan

Hi Jordan and thank you. I’m sorry you weren’t able to listen to your music, we’ll get this sorted out, don’t worry.
And, BTW, I dream to own lundhal trasfos… I have 2 icepowers in BTL mode, and those trasfos are on my crosshair since lot of time…