Hello from Holland (New volumio dev)

Dear community,

My name is Mervin and I am from Holland. I am proud to release the news that i will be joining the volumio team full time from the 1st of July as the lead software developer for volumio.

My job will be to create a more awesome, more stable volumio and to professionalise our way of work. I am really looking forward to start working on volumio, myvolumio and all the awesome devices we are going to release in the future.

I am really happy to be at your disposal, and obviously you are going to hear more from me in this great community.

See you on the 1st!


welcome mervin,
we are really looking forward what awesome things u release in the future.


Welcome @mervinio. You’ve already proven your abilities with the fantastic work on Tidal Connect. Hope there will be more nice features to come.

Goede zondag nog!

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Welcome Mervin,

Great to hear that.

Best Regards

Good luck in your new job, Mervin! (Het wordt vast een hele mooie tijd). Greetings from Maastricht, NL.

Welcome and thanks in advance for your contributions! :slight_smile: