Hello from Germany

Hi all,

I’m a Volumio newbie.

I read about it a few month ago. Last week I bought a Pi3 and a Digiberry and gave it a try.

Wow! Volumio is brilliant. :sunglasses:

Thanks to the team. You’ve done a great job !

Now I’ll add an additional analog output and find a living room suitable case for all this.

Web radio will be another topic.

Lots of things left to do …


Hi Thanks for nice input, I will also buy raspberry 3 with hifiberry digi + pro with volumio.
My Dream is to add room correction when the project is up an running[WHITE SMILING FACE]
Where did you buy your hardware and how did you install volumio?


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I bought the hardware from Reichelt http://www.reichelt.de.

The installation I made the usual way just as described here : https://volumio.org/get-started
It’s indeed as simple as shown there.

Just try it!

When your system will be ready, I’ll be glad if you test my plugin for DRC using brutefir : https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/tree/master/plugins/miscellanea/brutefir
Let me know for information if needed :wink:


Volumio will be just a part of my existing sound system.

Room correction and equalizing certainly has to be done for all sources and therefore is the job of my preamp.

So far there is no need for me to have this inside Volumio.


Thanks for your great input /work[WHITE SMILING FACE] i will buy the hardware in around 2 month and fresh to try it.

Sendt fra min SM-G850F med Tapatalk