Hello from Germany, Bruehl

Hi together. A few days ago i read something about volumio.
I´m from Germany, the town is Bruehl (perhaps, you know Phantasialand?)
I´m 59 Years old and i try to get a only Music Mediaplayer. I am here, because i have some trouble with configuration.
My english is only, i know from school and that ist more than 40 Years ago :slight_smile:

Regards Ulrich

Hi Ulrich!
Phantasialand… Good memories! I went there once, when I was 13…
Hope we’ll fix your wifi issues!

Welcome aboard Ulrich! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the warm welcome, but…

I haven´t any problems with wifi, i don´t use it. My Problem deals with webradio.
I wrote my Problem in an old Thread: