Hello from France

My name is Bernard. I live in Brittany France.

I make a low-budget installation in my car with a Rock64 4gb and an Asus U7 card.

I am looking for a simple solution (after tests carried out by my son who does not have much time).

So I come to train in Volumio with brutefir (salut Balbuze).

The objective is to make multi-channel active, with filters generated by rephase.

Now, thank you for all your work that I will read.

Do not pay attention to the finish, the installation is in laboratory mode. For now I just have to validate the process.

I use a translator because I am not strong in English. Bernard,

Salut Bernard !
Welcome here!
Nice project!
For the plugin,now called DSP for Volumio, it should works with up to 2x4 channels, but I never really tested because I don’t have such hardware… Do not hesitate to contact me :slight_smile: