Hello from flushing (Netherlands)

Hello Everyone

I am Christian de Vriend, i am 38 years old.

My day job is installing burglarsystems, ip cams, and smart home systems.
in my free time, i like to listen to music, cant live without it :slight_smile:
My set up is, an pioneer LX71 reciever, with home made speakers, the source is an RBpi 3 with an sabre 9018k2m DAC
i have plannes to have a second amp, so that i can seperate movie en stereo sound over de front speakers.
Al of the equipment is connected to an seperate power supply , and the breaker in the junktionbox (dont know exact name)
is specialy made for audio equipment.

Why Volumio? my music streamer (the rbpi) came with rune audio… that ios isnt update sinds 2016, and i could not listen to
web radios anymore, the .pls files warent supported anymore, plus that airplay end upnp did nog work, zo i asked audiophonics
(where the audio streamer came from) if there were other sollutions or programs for my streamer, i hoped for 3 things to use
-Web radio stations (prefered to add some my self)
-connetion to nas (allot of my music is storred on my synology)
-connection to spotify (stand alone)
Volumio was one of the players audiophonics recommended, and from what i have read, volumio does all 3 things.

Hi Christian, welcome :slight_smile: Yep, Volumio will do those three things for you. Have fun.

Thank you, still need to sort some problems out.

mainly, the app works, but the touchscreen shows i need to login, could not find anything for that
problem is, i am dyslectic, so i could have overlooked it.

and how can you add internet radio stations, that arent on the list.

and i cant get youtube to add my playlist.

You need to install the touchscreen plugin for your display, and you can add radio stations from the “hamburger” symbol on the right hand side of the screen in ‘Browse’/‘Web Radio.’ Please open a new post in the appropriate section if you have further questions (that way people searching will find it more easily).

will do, if i cant find it, i wil post it.

for now, my compliments on the design to the team.