Hello from Florida

Hello, everyone!

After MusicBox, RuneAudio, Max2Play and Volumio attempts, I am here on Volumio for so many reasons. Perhaps someone else seeking a solution for their HiFiBerry DAC+, et al, will find this.

First and foremost - it’s simple to set up and get going.

  • Including: AirPlay is active by default with nothing special else to do

Next in importance - Volumio is up-to-date!

  • MusicBox and RuneAudio images are dated! Seems no one is doing anything with them since mid-2016.
  • Max2Play is also up-to-date, but the options are a bit too many to figure out if I’m overloading the simple setup I need.

I know there is a “suggest a feature” section to this Forum, but while I’m here:

  • A web page lock if you attempt to head into anything Administrative
    ** That INCLUDES Playlist management!
  • Speaking of playlists - man, the simple format of RuneAudio’s playlist files would be so much easier to set up at a shell prompt (SSH).

That’s all - just happy!

Features I liked on Max2Play, but …

  • It can cast to Google Chromecast devices on your network …
    … but it cannot synchronize the physical output timing with the Chromecast devices’ timing.
    (And, I understand completely why that is — I’m just sayin’)
  • One interface can manage casting different songs to different devices …
    … but then I feel like an AirPlay traffic controller :laughing:

Cheers and thanks for Volumio.
Oh, and the iPhone app is nice & convenient, too!