Hello from Denmark

I am Panos and I am a nerd. I have been doing electronics since kindergarten. This is my first try with a PI media center.
As you can see, work in progress, I am waiting for DACs from HK.
I believe that no hat can be hifi. It can be descent but thats about it.
The linear power supplies are ready for the ordered DAC (DIYINHK ES9038Pro) for this implementation. Probably new Neutron Star clocks from NewClassD (No affiliation) also, lets see how it goes.

Also the PI and LCD are powered by linear PSUs with low noise regulators from NewClassD.

20200529_181141 (1).jpg
20200529_181133 (1).jpg

Why Volumio? Well, it seems its the best for the purpose out there.

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Hi Panos, welcome to Volumio.

Iā€™m curious as to what you mean by ā€œI believe that no hat can be hifi.ā€?

Enjoy the experience.

Well, a DAC needs to be a bit far from the noisy PI. Use good cables with screen for I2S no longer than 10 cm. Then use good linear power supplies, different from each other. I have 4 supplies for the DAC alone, one for the PI that actually also got batteries since the picture is taken and one for the screen. If I decide to add low jitter clocks, these will also be far from the PI and with their dedicated supplies. Therefore the hats do not fit the purpose. I bought a hat (hifi berry DAC plus) tried to power it with multiple power supplies on both the analog and digital supply but the sound was not to my satisfaction.