Hello from Chicago

Hi all!

I am replacing a squeezebox classic proactively, since it is quite old and has become somewhat flakey of late. The sb classic has worked well for 10 years and together with the ipeng app, I was able to control it very well for a whole house system with 4 rooms + outside speakers (for our short summer). I have moved from managing a large mp3 and flac collection to mostly using spotify.

After configuring a piCoreplayer for a friend to work like my squeezebox does with piCoreplayer and Logitech Media Server (LMS) for which he mostly just uses spotify, I thought there must be a better way. That setup is fragile and the LMS spotify plugins seem to only use libspotify which seems to be deprecated and things like playlists work unreliably.

So I found volumio which seems simpler and less complicated to do the same thing. A quick proof of concept with an old RPi (original model 1A) I had laying around seemed to work. Along the way, I discovered the difference between using a plugin to play spotify via the volumio interface, which is what I thought I wanted to do, and using the volumio device as a spotify player. Brilliant! That makes it much easier to just use the spotify app to play via the volumio player.

I do intend to mount some of my old music as there are things not on spotify that I like to play, but the spotify playback is used most by myself and my family.

Challenges I had setting up volumio the first time were mostly around how to get plugins installed and working. I could not find good documentation on this aspect of the setup. I eventually got it working but am still unclear on the difference between the Spotify plugin and Volumio Spotify Connect ver1.5.7 plugin I have installed. If I sort all that out I intend to create a howto for configuring the type of system I am working to building.

Another longer term project to to move my rack of equipment into the basement where I can control source and volume for each room independently via an app on a phone or tablet (typically apple devices for me). My current string of receivers using tape monitor out of one to the aux in of another to accomplish multi-room volume control is a bit of a hack and hard to control each room remotely.

Long intro, I know. I will ask and offer in these forums along the way as I have questions or figure things out.

Thanks for all the work done thus far on what looks like a solid project.


Update on my progress:

Hifiberry DAC+ Pro arrived with a case. Easy to add to the previously installed system. It really sounds great compared to the RPi 3 headphone output and compared to my old Squeezebox classic. Playing of spotify from the volumio app, the web interface, or from the spotify app connecting to another device all work really well. I am almost ready to ditch the SB classic!

I still intend to re-install from scratch to better understand the plugin installation and I have a friends RPi running PiCore to convert over to volumio. Then on to some of the other things in my list. I will keep you posted here.

Another friend is ready to look at volumio too but he is a heavy itunes user and likes the logitech media server awareness of itunes organization. If there is a similar solution for volumio, please let me know. Thanks.



Welcome jim, and glad to hear that things seem to be going well. No itunes support as far as I am aware … sounds like it needs someone to step up to the mark and write a plugin :wink: Seriously though, this open source software with plugins is a potentially extremely powerful thing, limited only by our imagination (ok, and some programming skills)).