Hello from Canada

I’ve been using music streamers since the days of XBMC. When it only ran on a hacked XBox LOL.

I’ve tried Volumio briefly in the past with an RPI1, but the performance of the hardware and sound quality just wasn’t there. I loved the interface, and saw the potential, and always planned to revisit it.

Recently I bought a Pi4 and performance was WAY better. It worked perfectly, but I ran into problems when using a USB powered non SSD drive. The bus doesn’t have enough current for the disk and the USB DAC at the same time. No, biggie as I just tried the USB drive as a test.

But then I discovered that Volumio is also available for x86, so I got to thinking that instead of using my Mac Mini as a NAS for Volumio, I could just use it to run Volumio and store my music. I had some issues at first and it was due to the SD card. I flashed a USB stick and got Volumio installed on a partition the SSD in the Mac Mini with no problems. I did have to manually update firmware and drivers for the Broadcom WiFi, so that might be something to address in a future version.

But this an amazing setup. More horsepower than Volumio will ever need. I’m loving it! This is by far the best streaming setup I have had in my 10-12 years doing this. My last setup was JRiver and what a dinosaur that is nowadays! I just wanted to give props to the Volumio team! Keep up the good work!