Hello from Amsterdam, The Netherlands


just dropping in here.

Just installed Volumio x86 today on an Asus EEEPc-900 netbook from 2007. I’ve been using this netbook for a while as a Spotify Connect clients on out living rooms audio system, running Puppy Linux, but even this lean OS in combination with Spotify was to heavy a load for this old netbook, so I decided to give Volumio a try.

Well, my first impressions are rather good, installation was virtually idiot-proof (except for the part where I apparently used the wrong tool to flash the USB stick before doing it with Etcher) and getting it installed on the netbooks prime SSD decive without having the need to reconfigure everything shows that Volumio is a well rounded and finished product. And so far I haven’t heard the fan of the netbook switching on, so it seems that is all fine as well. So my next step is to get an external DAC (Topping D10), and we’re in business.

In everyday life I mostly listen to vinyl and cassettes, but we also use Spotify a lot to discover new music.

What brought me here is a little issue with Spotify Connect, but that is something for another thread.

Goedemorgen en welkom aan boord!

I trust your issue(s) with Spotify Connect are explainable by someone on the forum :wink: