Hello form an RPi aficionado from Belgium!

Hi everyone!

Although I’ve already posted about a couple of times and even submitted a translation for the new Volumio I thought I’d introduce myself!

I’ve become an RPi aficionado since discovering this little computer. Have been trying different software solutions to suit my media purposes. Originally trying out OpenELEC and more recently converted to LibreELEC but not before finding this gem of a software. However, it hasn’t been till recently that I’ve had the chance to try it out before as my needs focused more on general media (audio and video) and didn’t have the need nor the spare hardware or place for a dedicated audio system.

Things have change recently and I’ve been enjoying playing around with this powerful package and have been mostly enjoying the airplay capabilities but want to test out directly playing audio files from the interface and trying it out more adequately with a decent DAC.

Anyways hope I can be of help around the Forums contribute to the community and find the help I need when trying out new things!

Keep listening to great audio and till we cross paths on the forum!