heavy distortion when playing 16 bit audio

Hi, i’m testing the AKOUO Reference Stereo DAC with an RaspberryPi B. I set the i2s driver to hifiberry which works almost… my problem is that 16 bit audio has heavy distortion… while anything else works fine? Some mp3 files work, but volumio shows me 24 bit (also this is not true). When I resample the files to 24/44.1 everything is fine. I tried to play the files from NAS, USB, Airplay… always the same. When I use the build in spdif all files works perfect. Do you have any idea?

Thank you


Myself and a couple of other people have and still have experienced the same issue.
No official response has been issued but if you down grade to v1.40 the problem will go away.
I believe a issue with the kernel is at fault.
I wouldn’t hold your breath as this project seems to have stagnated somewhat, with no official updates or news releases.
Is this time to look for an alternative?..