HDMI Audio out on Raspberry

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Since I use Volumio in my living room, it’s plug on my A/V receiver. I would like to use the DAC inside my amp, is there a way to activate the audio out over HDMI ? Can’t find it as an option in settings.


Have you tried it to see if it just works by default? I plugged out audio jack and usb DAC and plugged in HDMI on RaspyFi and it just worked.

Yup, course I tested it :stuck_out_tongue:

I even try it with nothing plugged in (no USB DAC or 3.5 jack), reboot, but no sound…

Maybe edit /boot/config.txt and add (or change) hdmi_force_hotplug=1?

I will try to change the hdmi_force_hotplug setting.

For the moment I managed to get audio out thru HDMI with this command (reset at each reboot) :

sudo amixer cset numid=3 2

But I still have small audio dropout here and there with my NFS NAS share. Strange since I can play 1080p movies with DTS HD 5.1 audio with the same hardware…

I had a similar problem in my diy system that is powered up by a mains power switch, causing the RPI not detecting the HDMI device on startup due to that it does not present itself in time during boot. The first work-around was to power the hdmi device before the RPI.

The hdmi_force_hotplug=1 setting solved it and removed the issue!

Does Volumio support 192/24 output via HDMI or is it (still) downsampled to 48.1kHz?
Raspyfi had some problems with 192/24 playback over HDMI (raspyfi.com/forum/raspyfi-in … z-on-hdmi/) and now I’m curious if this could be solved with Volumio?

It resamples, the bcm chip on the PI works at 48 krhrtz… So no bit perfect through HDMI…

Thank you for the answer on HDMI output of volumio. First, I need to mention, that I don’t have any glue about linux or raspi distributions at all. What I’ve found, that a ecent distribution seems to support 192/24 output via HDMI and there are some ideas to overcome the limitations of the alsa driver (github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/494).
Do you think it will be possible to implement 192/24 output via HDMI in Volumio sometime?

Are 44.1 kHz tracks resample to 48 kHz too ?

Quote: “Are 44.1 kHz tracks resample to 48 kHz too ?”

According to what I have seen, no. Tested with Airplay, local playback and web radio on Raspberry Pi HDMI out via an AV receiver. AV receiver displays for a brief time the input sampling frequency at beginning of playback.

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Raspberry Pi support multichannel pcm output, stereo output over hdmi with 44,48,88,96,192khz sampling rate.
With openelec xbmc it working all frequencies. I dont know volumio why not working.

Will the Beaglebone Black output 192khz through HDMI?

I was also wondering the same thing.
Since some time you get the choice to play DTS-HD over lossless over PCM in Openelec.

Would it not be possible to to do something similar in Volumio?

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is that still true for an actual RPi3B? The downsampling issue regarding the colaboration of kernel and alsa has probably been solved since kernel version 4.4 (community.roonlabs.com/t/high-r … -hdmi/9704). This could be a further strong argument for giving the port to debian stretch more priority. :slight_smile:

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HDMI output is still limited to 2.0/48kHz on the Pi. Is there any chance that we see an improvement soon?

HDMI output is not limited. 192Khz works over HDMI!

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I know this is 7 years since this was posted but I just used this command and it got my Volumio output running through HDMI. Prior to that, it was going through the 3.5mm jack only. Surprisingly, after a reboot the setting persisted. If anyone is still watching this thread, can anyone tell me what the cset numid=3 2 actually does? Just doing an amixer contents, I see that the device is labelled PCM Playback route and it can take a range of values from 0 to 3. So what do those values do? If I find the answer on my own I may paste here.