HDMI Audio converter

I don’t have any usb free: one is use by a wi-fi dongle and the other by a 64GO dongle as music disk.
I think to use the Pi hdmi output twith an Hdmi audio converter to drive my SMSL SA-50 (see amazon.com/AGPtek%C2%AE-SPDI … B00ECTHIKK).
Do you know if the sound quality is the same as with an usb dac?
Can I buy any hdmi audio converter ?

Go i2S!

Choose one of these:


You’ll have less hassle than with a USB DAC, and I wouldn’t mess around with extra converters. Probably wouldn’t make much difference sound-wise, but may cause other problems.

After 3 month of use I’m satisfied by the Hdmi audio converter : the sound quality is very good and no opther problem.