HDD usb + WIFI dongle - HELP

Hello everybody
I’m encounter a couple of issuse with my external HDD ( HDD 3T x2 -conf. RAID 1 - file system FAT32 ) and with the wi-fi connection as well .

  1. Volumio seems to" ignore" the presence of the ext drivers in USB mode… No library at all once connected to the port . In RUNEAUDIO the ext DHH is recognised in a second, providing an immediate access to FLAC files. After some attempts, i decided to plug in a USB pen ( 8GB ) and MIRACLE ! The Library is available. There is something about the capability of the HDD’S ??? I didn’t found a solution yet.
  2. For same reasons even the presence of the wifi dongle ( sold in boundle with Pi 2model B from the official site ) is not recognised by Volumio. RUNEADUIO do it wery wel l!!
    Can anyone help me to solve all of this ?
    Thank you