HDD SSD 240gb and Raspberry B+

Hello all!
I’d like to buy an SSD HD to store all my Flac and play it by Volumio.
Now I’m correctly using a Western Digital Caviar green powerd by his switching power supply, all works well.
Anyone have tryed to use an SSD HDD?
Before buy it I’d like to know if it works, it will be powerd by raspberry B+

Technically an SSD and a HDD are two completely different things.
SSD need less power overall and have a lower, if any, peek usage.
HDD need to spin up before they can be accessed, this makes the peek usage high.
And SSD costs more per GB than a HDD.

The raspberry pi’s can only deliver about 500mah to max 700mah and the first revision only about 350mah depending on your power supply.
Since your Western Digital Caviar green is a 3,5" drive it will probably be in an external case with power supply, making this a no issue.

A portable hdd uses less power than your current green disk, but is bus powered.
A portable external ssd uses less power than the portable hdd.

So chances are that an ssd could work directly from your Pi, but you need a strong power supply (adapter) and for a portable hdd a powered USB hub would probably be required. (powered hub is also preferred for SSD usage)

I have been using an USB SSD disk, connected directly to the PI. Works perfectly. No noise from a spinning disk and amazingly fast. A bit expensive, though.

Thanks to both! I have 2A power supply. For raspberry, DAC Durio Sound Pro and hd ssd should be enough. Volumio shouldn’t has peak usage…I hope. Otherwise I’ll buy a powered usb hub.