Hdd idle mode?

Hello everybody!
I am a beginner of raspberry and volumio, but I am already really excited about it!
My setup is made by a raspberry pi 2 + 500gb hdd + DAC + wifi. Everything is powered by a 2A power supply. I changed the current setting max_usb_current=1 in order to power the hdd, and it works fine.
However, I have a question: does volumio manage the idle/sleep mode of the hdd? Or will it keep spinning at full speed all the time? In case volumio does not take care of this, what should I do?
Thank you


Apparently it depends on the HDD and USB controller. hard-drive-sleep-option-t883.html#p3486
Linux has support for it and it is enabled in Volumio but not every drive supports it.

You could try to send the commands directly, you’ll have to google for the commands