HDD 4TB and Volumio

Recently started using Volumio on Raspberry Pi4 (4GB). Everything is fine, except for one thing - the system sees only a part of the external HDD. The 4TB disk is connected to the router via USB. The same laptop on Windows does not experience any problems with the disk. Volumio sees less than half of the disk. I divided the disk into two logical ones, but this did not correct the situation, it feels like there is a limit on the number of files, not on the volume …
What can be done in such a situation?

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Try connecting the USB drive to the Pi 4 instead of the router.
Maybe the router can’t use a large partition or something? Is it running the latest firmware?

I explained that I divided the HDD into two logical ones - 2.5 Tb and 1.5 Tb. The latest firmware, 2.806 I connected via USB, the situation is exactly the same, as I say, it is very similar to the limitation on the number of files …
Windows has no problems with the same drive. NTFS, GPT.
Router Xiaomi Mi 3G (Padavan).

So the issue is resolved! On the advice of one user from PDA site 4, I checked the entire disk for video files. there are entire discographies and these videos could easily be in them. Indeed, I found and deleted some video files and oh, miracle - Rapsberry continued scanning the disk!

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