HDD 4TB and Volumio vol 2

The question is about Volumio itself. It has a limit on the number of files added to the library(VERSION: 2.834). The four terabyte disk is shared over the network - Volumio sees only 34622 files, this is just the letter L. While Rune Audio sees all 76766 files! If not for this circumstance, I would have enjoyed using Volumio, it has more interesting controls and interface.
Developers, remove the limit on the number of files in the library already!

I faced a simmilar Problem. The reason was: defective Files. Solution: Take a Tool like Foobar2000, put all files in a list and sort the list for playtime, I’m pretty sure you`ll find some that have a pliaytime of 0 seconds or even no playttime -> remove this files. Another reason may be unsupported Formats, like AVI, MP4… After the Foobar2000 action please perform this: Open The Drive in Windows Explorer. Type *. in the search box -> This will listt EVERY file on this drive, sort tthe results by Type and size. Then remove every “non-audio” media format like mkv, avi, mp4… (except pictures/covers) Then also have a look at the filesize, if a file is smaller than a few KB MPD sometimes haves a problem with them.
After tthe above steps, rescan the Drive with volumio.

Good Luck :grin:

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Thanks for the answer. I previously checked the entire library for videos and other unnecessary files. But I didn’t know how to look for zero files, thanks for that, I will look)
I also renamed incorrect names, square and other brackets, etc. by hand.
But damn, why isn’t Rune such a problem? …

With the help of AIMP, I checked the music library, there were a little more than ten damaged files. After removing them, Volumio added all the files to the library. Thanks for the advice!
Now I listen and compare - Rune Audio sounds better with the same data!
That’s a problem …

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