Hi guys I want a favor I always used Raspberry with dac and a usb warehouse to listen to music now i would like to use a HD i wanted to ask you if i have to set quacosa on volume so i can use i have tried the current there is why it lights but it seems that Do not interfere with Raspberry seemingly not communicating with each other I have to set something with volume please :blush:

I’m afraid I don’t understand what is your problem.
You want to use HD ( hard drive )?
What do you mean by 'Raspberry seemingly not communicating with each '?

Ciao Balbuze
Maybe I was wrong to own a Raspberry connected with a Dac Saber and Volumio program and I always used it with a USB flash drive now that I had more music I wanted to connect an HD disco but Volumio does not see it as if she did not see it, hd turns on But this does not signal anymore with Volumio having problems and it does not happen with the pendrive maybe I have to set something with volume, (I thought it was HD disco to have problems but not because I tried to install Runeaudio and it’s fine) it does not work with Volumio I have to Configure HD disco on Volume? I do not mean you can help me

Hello Lucia,
has your HD an independent power supply? Or it draws the power from the USB cable? The Raspberry cannot supply the full current needed by a mechanical (that is, not an SSD) hard drive. If you want to use it you should buy a self powered USB hub.

My HD disk has an independent power supply the problem is that it does not work with Volumio but with Runeaudio it does