Has anyone Gotten a VFD working on a Pi?

Hello All,
I have a Noritake-iTRON 6 pin VFD

I have been trying to get working with Volumio for a few weeks and …I am feeling quite defeated. it seems that this should be a simple process, however everything i have read and every process i have followed has failed me. So i am reaching out to the Volumio community in hopes that someone who has gone down this path might see it and provide me with some guidance.

the best resource i found was projects-raspberry.com/interfac … pberry-pi/
however his process does not seem to work for me. I have also tried Raspdac (broke the web interface) and Pydpiper

If you have followed the instructions as given in the 2nd link, it might be possible that the VFD is broken?

maybe this might be a better solution? only downside is that it has some issues with non std ASCII (above 127) I’ve written the installation for this on another forum for JRiver. The script ( to display data on the screen) won’t work for Volumio, but might give you a good starting point.