Has anyone been noticing this?

This is the screenshot of v3.251 streaming from Asset UPnP that is running on Synology NAS.

Problem 1.

Selecting 3 dots on the right side of the track will open a small sub-menu with the first option “play”. This will play the selected track, but then will stop as soon as it is over. Clicking on the first icon of the track (yellow album cover in this example) will start playing the 2nd track, then 3rd, 4th, … and so on. Clicking, say, on the 5th track will start from the 6th, … you get the idea. Clicking on the last track will not play anything at all, as there are no more tracks after it.

Problem 2.

When streaming files in wav format (flac set to play as wav) the title of the current now-playing track will not show in human readable format. The other players in house do not do it; Cambridge cxn v2, Matrix Element X - they show what it is, i.e. the correct titles. I also asked Asset UPnP support about it, they said the issue is in renderer.

Has anyone been noticing such trends?