Harware mixer disappeared

With a recent upgrade of volumio, i noticed that i can no more control volume. In fact Hardware mixer seems to have disappear.
I use Pi3 + Allo piano 2.1.

We are investigating the issue.
One question: do you have spotify plugin installed? Or any other plugin?

Until we come up with a solution, the fix is to perform a “Delete User Data”

I have this exact same problem. If I " delete user data" will I have to re-enter all my settings again or what? I need to be able to have volume control work. Using RasPi 3 with HiFiBerry Digi card. Not using Sotify plugin

It concerns me as well. RP4+HiFiBerry Pro+.

When is the bug fix for this going to be issued?

I tried to replicate the issue to no avail… At the moment we did not find a solution yet


It happens only at installations where the initial version (when it has been setup from the image) is quite old.
i could reproduce it - one device has been setup with version 2.389 and the other with 2.452.
On my test-devices that all have been setup with 2.5xx image everything is fine with volume control.

The alsa error can be eliminated by clicking on save at the device selection and reboot. - but volume still cannot be changed and the mixer type switches back to “undefined”

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(In this case it has been good to have 20+ test devices with different dacs :wink:

cool josef :smiley: having these 20+ test devices too. my pleasure. seems like a livelong test job for us… :unamused: :smiley:

Wow! Thanks for the hint.
Then I fear the only way to solve it would be a delete user data .


It’s really wierd - to ensure my own observations - i just updated another “productive” device that has been installed from scratch v2.389 by OTA directly to test version v2.659 - and in this case - not reproducable - volume control and everything else is working with no worries.

Funny fact - this device is hammered with every available plugin - even those that are not available at the plugin store.

Raspberry 2 with Allo Boss and 7" original Touchdisplay (fed by a decent DIY 3way PSU) + well working WiFi by a <3€ china USB device :slight_smile:
(I like the RasPI2 + external USB WiFI because all possible interference can be located a bit far away from the audio signal processing parts - yes it is not so fast while setting up and GUI experience - but this is not the point for getting a good sound :slight_smile:

Things got bad by trying to update the stock plugin for the display.
I ended up in a loop telling me “Your preferences cannot be read”

After trying to migrate for about 3 hours i did a fresh install from the v2.657 image which took me about 1 hour and everything is fine now.

I’d recommend to users affected by sort of this issue to do a install from scratch.

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I have this issue as well.

Rpi3+allo boss 1.2 with a old volumio version (~6months ago) and did an upgrade yesterday.
hardware mixer disappeared and volume control is not working anymore.

Same probleme here.
Rasperry Pi Zero + Hifiberry Dac (zero)
after systemupdate, no volume control possible

UPFATE: After in system settings: delete Userdata it works,
but all plugsins and settings are deleted

Here is what the Volumio development team is teaching me: Don’t update the buggy software (at least not immediately, be sure to wait and search the forum for problems). Last month it was the Quobuz disaster where we couldn’t access our Quobuz account for 4 days, now this. After screwing around for an hour after deleting user settings and going through the ENTIRE set up process again, yes the volume control now works. When my year subscription is up I’m considering going in a different direction…I’m a music lover not software engineer. My experience with most ALL softwares updates is that it makes the program BETTER not worse.