Hardware Volume control with Tone Board v1.04

I would like to get Hardware Volume control working in the latest Volumio using the Khadas Tone Board. I can see the functionality was added with Tone Board firmware V1.04 which I have, and I can see reports that it was working ok. But also reports that since at approx V2.657 of Volumio this isn’t possible any more.
I have Volumio 2.777 on rpi4 with the Tone Board over USB3 and I can’t see ‘Hardware’ as an option for volume control - only ‘software’ and ‘none’

But I can’t use software volume as I am using the DRC plugin.
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

For info, DSP plugin should work with softvol and last 2.777 version of volumio. But to be checked though…
And anyway, if your board provides a hardware volume mixer, it is better :wink:

Thanks Balbuze.
I tried to see if DRC plugin was causing issues, so I disabled it temporarily. Then the hardware mixer options appeared in the dropdown. I have re-enabled DRC and rebooted the pi and now it’s all working great :slight_smile:
Not sure how it got stuck, Possibly because I installed Volumio 2.773, then DRC plugin, then updated Volumio 2.777 but hadn’t re-initialised the DRC plugin?

BTW, is there some information about how the target curve files differ? I wasn’t sure which to choose when generating my filters.

Great! There is one thing that won’t work : changing settings in mixer… So please don’t change startup volume or step once the plugin is enabled…
Target curves are a text file describing the target you’d like to reach. HK8 is the one I made and use for my setup…
If your speakers can reproduce 30Hz you can tweak it to match. But the only way is to measure the result… let me know :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile: